Design Studio

Renova’s creative design team brings the pulse of the fashion world to life
by creating the trendiest and most unique designs every season.
Our experts, who closely follow the dynamics of the fashion industry,
make each collection special. Discover the power of design with RENOVA.

Production Facilities

Woven Products:
We have a closed area of 13,500 m2 in the Malatya Organized Industrial Zone
for the Woven Products, where we employ 400 workers and produce
150,000 bottoms and 100,000 tops monthly.
We carry out all production processes from cutting to packaging and
shipping in our in-house production facilities

Jersey Products:

In our production facilities located in Tokat and Kars, we produce
400,000 tops and 200,000 bottoms monthly.
While we carry out cutting, sewing, and packaging processes
in our in-house production facilities, we handle printing and embroidery
operations through our long-term partnerships with suppliers.

Denim Products:

We consolidated our denim production facilities, which we had operated
in Istanbul for many years, under one roof in Diyarbakır in 2021.
In our new production facilities, we produce 180,000 bottoms and
50,000 tops monthly. We also have our in-house washing facility
where we perform all trending washes.

Knitwear Products:

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, our company, which continues
its operations in Istanbul, will soon launch new production facilities in Samsun.
We handle all processes from design to packaging in our in-house production facilities.
Currently, we produce 450,000 pieces monthly, and with the upcoming Samsun
production facility, we will increase this capacity to 800,000 pieces per month.